Discover “Digitartius” and some information about us

Explore a captivating world of creativity brought to life by the visionary team of Nikos and Nasos. Their unique art project challenges traditions and encourages you to embrace the unconventional and connect with the extraordinary. Digitartius goes beyond the limits of traditional art, pushing the boundaries of expression and taking you on a journey of innovation.

About - Nikos Konstantareas
Nikos Konstantareas

Nikos and Nasos create captivating art that takes you on an enchanting journey of human imagination and emotion. Their strokes and pixels bring surreal and abstract landscapes to life, capturing the essence of human experiences in mesmerizing ways. Their unique fusion of colors, shapes, and concepts challenges your perceptions and captivates your senses.

About - Nasos Theofilas
Nasos Theofilas

Come and embark on an exciting journey of “Expressing Ideas and Emotions” with Digitartius. They will ignite your passion for creativity and leave a lasting impression on your artistic soul. Embrace the extraordinary and allow their art to inspire you, opening your eyes to a world of endless imagination.

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